Re3 is a circular economy model engineered and patented to reduce the environmental impact of the used garments and of the textile scraps.


We manage the entire process, collecting, sorting, rehoming (re-selling, re-using or re-generating what collected), tracking and sharing the new life of each garment or textile waste received.

An A-to-Z service fully compliant with the rules on the management and treatment of textile waste.

Unique tracking system via QR code

Total transparency on the reuse of every single garment or textile waste treated

Collected material is re-sold, re-used or re-generated


Measurable reduction of the environmental impact

Compliance with current legislation on textile waste

Specific management of textile waste

Powerfull CRM tool

the re3 model

The Re3 Model is a patented (pending) system – the only circular economy process that allows you to track each individual garment collected in real time and in complete transparency.

re-sell, re-use, re-generate

Based on the functional conditions of the reiceved material (used clothes or textile scraps), they will be re-sold, re-used or re-generated.

  • Re-sold and Re-used granting them a life-cycle extension.

  • Re-generated meaning treated to turn the old fabric into regenerated material used to produce new items.


Thanks to an innovative digital application that tracks every single used item collected through a Qr Code, customers can check whether the used garments have been re-used or re-generated.

The same process is applicable to textile waste and industrial scraps.


  • From January 1, 2022, the obligation to collect textile waste separately came into force in Italy, as required by Legislative Decree no. 116/2020. A virtuous decision that anticipates the European obligation but which reveals many management problems that we are able to solve thanks to the Re3 Model.

  • Operative flow, analytics, digital content and rehome of the collected material can be fully customized according to the preferences of each customer.

  • Plug-and-play service up-and-running in 4/6 weeks.



“The added value of the Re3 system consists in collecting used garments and giving them a second life in three different ways based on their functional characteristics. These, in fact, can be resold as second hand, reused through a donation to people in difficulty or regenerated to create new products. Furthermore, the service generates a unique code that is associated with the single garment supplied by the customer, who can stay constantly updated in real time on how to reuse the shipped item.”

“Postalmarket pushes the accelerator on sustainability thanks to the use of the Re3 circular economy model.”


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Re3 Model.

When sustainability met traceability.